Good Teaching and Student DNA

Good teaching is a key to student success. Good teaching takes the understanding of who the students in the class are – as discussed above. It also takes leadership examples, dedicated team planning time and a willingness as an individual to open your classroom to others and to work closely with other teachers and then – and then the hard part – to put your adult ego “on hold” to become a good collaborative teacher with your students.  With good assessment data and a willingness to move away from “telling” to creating relevant and learning rich challenges appropriate to interests, a teacher can create enthusiastic learners who will develop the group and personal learning skills so much in demand by all forms of career. But it is a learning curve that requires strong, skilled leadership. Getting into what student interests are in their early years education; understanding their learning styles; knowing their family situations and determine how to augment when required, are examples of understanding the student DNA to make their potential learning gains greater.