compassNot only should every student FACE be known by teachers in every school, but we believe that systems must begin to help their students learn their TrueNorth very early on in their formal education. We use the compass analogy of “true north” as it is used in navigation. Whenever a boat or plane goes slightly off course, the navigator can always get it back on course because they know “true north” from the compass and tables. TrueNorth for our students is understanding what their real interests are, and, what they understand their aptitudes to be through many experiences. By having partners in the community involved early in a student’s education, the student can begin to form a sense of what interests them and can begin to demonstrate those interests to teachers. Understanding and accepting those interests will give teachers another set of options for engaging each student in the classroom. In other words, interests flesh out the FACES more precisely. Like it was for Michaelangelo, with every tap of the hammer and chisel “the marble reveals the lovely apparition inside”, every interest known helps teachers to reveal the learners more fully. And with every piece of new knowledge, the student’s direction becomes closer to their TrueNorth. The more the student discovers as they experience in-school and out-of-school Pathways, the more likely they will be to select post-secondary Pathways that are appropriate for their TrueNorth.